Admissions Process

We at Kawun Institute of Higher Education committed to provide students with high standard studying environment and teaching methods. That is why we want to give admission to students who accept responsibility and truly comes to study.

1 – Tour

First step of Admission at Kawun is inviting the student to demo classes and to see university environment and knowing his/her comments on whether he/she liked the surrounding or not.

2 – Apply

After the tour, interested students will be asked to apply by filling forms and provide all documents and requirements needed.

3 – Entrance Exam

Applicants are required to pass entrance exam in order to be accepted for further process required

4 – Studying

Each academic year is 2 semester (4 Months each), and all national holidays will be announced by notice boards inside university, facebook page and website to all students

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Vital role of midwives
*Some 45 million births occur at home without the help of a midwife;

*Thousands of women and tens of thousands of new-born die every week due to preventable complications during, before and soon after birth;
Midwives are key to preventing many such complications.
Why we need midwifery program?

  • To increase the number of eligible graduates from secondary education to higher education in midwifery standards
  • To produce quality and experienced midwives to prevent complications during birth and after birth
  • To produce midwives in the management areas, particularly in health services
  • To produce midwives, with ability to participate in health development researches
Department Mission
The mission of this program is to train manpower with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to provide high quality midwifery services to mothers, children, families and society.
Program Overview
The Bachelor of Midwifery is a four year multi-disciplinary program. This program is designed in the form of eight successive semesters. One academic year is consisting of two semesters and each semester is consisting of 16 weeks. Midwifery Department Enrollment Criteria · High School Graduate · KIHE Entrance Exam · Must be female


The Kawun Institute of Higher Education established the Law & Political Science Department within its structure to create a unique learning environment that provides high quality legal education and to bring together a very diverse group of students, faculties, scholars, professional and experts from a variety of educational environments in an effort to broaden all perspectives.

KIHE is committed to provide rich theoretical and practical education for its prospective students. For sure, this commitment will pave the way for furthering the valuable legal and political knowledge among the young generation. The Law & Political Science Faculty of Kawun is comprises of national and international scholars who holds PhD & Masters Degree from known universities. These scholars, with national and international experience from different universities will impart a unique and comprehensive knowledge of comparative study in contemporary Law & Islamic jurisprudence.

Alongside very experienced scholars, the well-equipped classrooms, with standard audio-video-visual facilities, the library & digital library with multiple sources in different languages and many more facilities will give students every edge in achieving their educational goals. The Law and Political Science school of Kawun Institute of Higher Education is consisting of the following departments:

  • Administration & Diplomacy
  • Legal and Justice

The duration of study in the law and political science school is 4 years; the first two years are general studies and the last two years as specialization in the above mentioned fields.


Business Administration & Economics School is one of three schools of Kawun Institute of Higher Education, where economy, finance, business and administration oriented subjects are compulsory and there are other all universities inclusive subjects that are delivered to the students of the Economy & Finance School.

The duration of study in the Economy and Financ Faculty is 4 years; the first two years are general studies and the last two years as specialization in the two following fields:

  • National Economy
  • Business Administration

KAWUN Institute of Higher Education offers diploma and bachelor’s programs bringing together highly-qualified national and international faculty as well offering a wide range of student services. Soon, in the Northern Afghanistan, Kawun Institute of Higher Education will become a thriving learning space where future professionals are made. Join KIHE’s programs and embark upon your journey to professionalism.


Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

Students are exposed to techniques and methods to analyse, design, and implement software systems at technician and junior management levels.

Certificate in English Language (CEL)

Certificate in English Language (CEL) is an intensive three-month program designed for preliminary learners of English who need to acquire the fundamentals of the language to prepare them for DEL Program.


Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a three-month program designed to meet the needs of university graduates and business professionals who would like to pursue their academic studies overseas.


International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a three-month program which is tailored to train and coach students who would like to advance their academic, business and personal goals.

Contact the Admissions Office

  • +93(0) 744 933 537 – +93(0) 796 064 604
  • Gozar-e-Se Dukan, Mukhaberat Square, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh – Afghanistan.