Vital role of midwives

*Some 45 million births occur at home without the help of a midwife;

*Thousands of women and tens of thousands of new-born die every week due to preventable   complications during, before and soon after birth;

Midwives are key to preventing many such complications.

Why we need midwifery program?

  • To increase the number of eligible graduates from secondary education to higher education in midwifery standards
  • To produce quality and experienced midwives to prevent complications during birth and after birth
  • To produce midwives in the management areas, particularly in health services
  • To produce midwives, with ability to participate in health development researches

Department Mission

The mission of this program is to train manpower with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors to provide high quality midwifery services to mothers, children, families and society.

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Midwifery is a four year multi-disciplinary program. This program is designed in the form of eight successive semesters. One academic year is consisting of two semesters and each semester is consisting of 16 weeks.

Midwifery Department Enrollment Criteria

  • High School Graduate
  • KIHE Entrance Exam
  • Must be female