Mohammad Sharif Samsor (MPPA) is appointed as the President of the Kawun Institute of Higher Education. Mr. Samsopresidentr has done his bachelor in Psychology from Kabul University and holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy and Administration from the University of Washington. It is worth mentioning that his more than 12 years of work experience equipped him with a multitude of skills, and he would like to continue to expand on his experience by working as the President of the Kawun Institute of Higher Education.

Mr. Samsor is a former Deputy Director of International Relations Department of the National Assembly of Afghanistan. During his career with the Afghan Parliament, the effective relations among the world parliaments have been established and strengthened.

Mr. Samsor worked for UNDP in a research capacity, and contributed to the 3rd Afghan National Human Development Report. He also had been involved in conducting a MULRTIPART research project that was designed by a team of European Universities. The research was designed to find out how the four huge stakeholders 1) Micro-finance Program (MISFA) 2) National Solidarity Program (NSP) 3) DIAG 4) Action Plan (AP) the transitional justice in Afghanistan, have had positive impact in the country.

Mr. Samsor has worked for several National and International organizations such as UNDP, USAID, CIDA, and many more of the development projects in the country. Mr. Samsor has had a distinguished career over 12 years and has established himself as an individual with extensive experience in teaching, research, management, communication, and leading an established university. To date, he has published over 30 blog posts and articles on educational and development issues. He also holds prestigious membership in several non-governmental organizations.