Introduction to Law & Political Science

KAWUN Institute of Higher Education established the Law & Political Science Department within its structure to create a unique learning environment that provides high quality legal education and to bring together a very diverse group of students, faculties, scholars, professional and experts from a variety of educational environments in an effort to broaden all perspectives.

KIHE is committed to provide rich theoretical and practical education for its prospective students. For sure, this commitment will pave the way for furthering the valuable legal and political knowledge among the young generation.

Law & Political Science Faculty is comprises of national and international scholars who holds PhD & Master’s Degree from known universities. These scholars, with national and international experience from different universities will impart a unique and comprehensive knowledge of comparative study in contemporary Law & Islamic jurisprudence.

Alongside very experienced scholars, the well-equipped classrooms, with standard audio-video-visual facilities, the library & digital library with multiple sources in different languages and many more facilities will give students every edge in achieving their educational goals.


  • Legal and Justice
  • Administration & Diplomacy
  • Legal Clinic
  • Islamic Education

Faculty members:

 17 professors and lecturers


  • Over 354 students


  • Over 117


  • Quality Assurance and Accreditation Committee
  • Curriculum Review Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Cultural Committee
  • Examination Committee
  • Teaching improvement committee
  • Discipline Committee

 Academic programs:

  • Practical program (Crime Scene Investigation)
  • Practical program (How to detect crime and arrest offenders)
  • Moot Court
  • Conferences
  • Research programs


Vision of Law and Political Science faculty is to provide quality and standard academic services, conduct scientific researches on different aspects of the society and create job opportunities.


The mission of Law & Political Science faculty is to produce and promote politics, public laws, international relations, administration and management. This faculty is committed to provide educational services to the students, capacity building to the faculty members and create and promote safe and sound educational atmosphere to students and faculty members in the campus.

 Educational System:

The duration of study in the law and political science school is 4 years; We at KAWUN teach 18 academic credit per semester, and total credit during the 8 semesters are (144). The teaching methodology is student centered; we use these tools and methods (lectures and practices, question & answer sessions, study tours, case study, seminars, and group work sessions).

Organizational Structure

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Working Hours : 09:00 – 19:00
Address : 44 Oxford Street, London, UK 22004
Phone : +380 22 333 555